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(This topic was written specifically for family members fairly new to computers and my uncle who asked, "Do you think a 78 year old man can learn how to use a computer?".  To anyone else, Welcome and I hope this information is helpful.)

I think the single biggest impediment to learning how to operate a computer (for folks past a certain age) is intimidation.  For those who didn't grow up with computer technology, it can also be quite confusing.  When they finally break down and purchase one, (If they've purchased a desktop computer for example) the confusion starts with "what are all these cables and how and where do I connect them?" Once the computer is operational, it's "where do I begin? What does what? How do I do what I want to be able to do?  How do I get on the internet?"  A little information in the beginning can go a long way in helping to relieve some of that confusion and, hopefully, the intimidation. The purpose of this section is to try to do just that.

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Tip!Note:  Before continuing on, let me say that another way to learn is to just play around with your computer.  When I got my first computer that was the advice I got from our company's computer guru.  The one thing he forgot to tell me (which I will tell you now) was to STAY AWAY FROM THE DELETE BUTTON.   While clicking my way around I accidentally hit the delete key and later found out (when my computer would no longer boot up) that I had deleted one of the all important operating system startup files.  Ooops!

Another great way to get use to  your computer and the feel (and control) of your mouse is to play the games included.